Look Mom, I’m blogging!

Woo hoo! No seriously, thank you for stopping by.  My name is George Sluppick, I live in Memphis and play the drums.  I’ve been a musician for most of my life and absolutely love it.  This week, I’ve been working with a great rock band called Big Fish, at a casino down in Tunica (late shift–yikes!), getting my car repaired at an auto shop in New Orleans, booking gigs and participating in a photo shoot with my trio, http://thecitychamps.com/ for our upcoming (2nd)  studio album, scheduled for release in the Fall.  Whew, crazy time, but happy to have some work.  Here’s a shot of one of my kits, set-up at Music & Arts Studio, just a few weeks ago here in Memphis….

Looking forward to seeing some Fall weather, as this Memphis heat has been kickin my butt. I think when it’s so hot like this, it keeps people inside, in front of the a.c. and not out in the local venues, which hurts everyone. So, the big cool-down will be a welcome change for this guy and I hope to see my calendar fill up. I’ll keep you posted.

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