Mine is very quickly becoming a pain in my ass.  I’ve spent nearly $3,700. on it this year alone and several hundred last year.  Just about had enough with this thing.  This was the 4th time this year that it’s broken down, also the 4th time I’ve had to call AAA for a tow truck, and when I got it over to the repair shop, the mechanic told me that the battery cable was loose due to a shitload of corrosion underneath and that’s the reason it wasn’t starting.  Wow, really?  That was all that was wrong with it.  Geez.  Which means, that the guys at the shop in New Orleans, that had it for a month, tuning it up and charged me 1,400 bucks didn’t have the courtesy of cleaning the frickin things and putting them back on tightly.  Ain’t this a bitch.  You can’t buy good help today and just when you think you have, you get slapped in the face, while they’re sitting back laughing at you.  Thanks G-n-K Automotive, in Metairie, LA.  Yeah, I just called you out.  I’ll be sure and let all my friends down there know what fine work y’all do on cars.

The folks I really wanna be giving thanks to (besides AAA!) are not in Nola, but right here in Memphis at a little place called, A Not-So-Used Truck Rentals and their wonderful mechanic extraordinaire, Norm.  Thanks, buddy!  I’ll never go anywhere else, I promise.

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