3 Days


Taking a break and getting out of town for a while can give you a different perspective on things, your life, the environment, your career…it’s a good thing to do.  Many of us don’t get those kinds of opportunities very often, especially if there’s family involved.  Personally, I’m single, no children and I live alone.  My job encourages me to travel and I jump at every chance I can get to do just that.  On Sunday, I hit the interstate for a couple of hours, headed to Little Rock where I spent three days with a good friend of mine, writing and recording music.  It was a nice time and a much needed retreat from this city.  Being in his home with he and his wife, their four year old daughter, a dog and a cat made me feel grateful for the amount of freedom that I have at this moment in my life, to be able to pick up and leave town without there being any worry is a luxury.  I am thankful for that.  Tomorrow I’m going to visit my folks in Louisiana for the weekend and, along with my aunt and uncle, help them celebrate their 20 year wedding anniversary.  How lucky I am.

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