Is it too much to ask…

…for breakfast at noon, or a really good 24-hr diner, or for Sugar In The Raw, for an iced coffee in the Summertime, for some attention when I walk into a restaurant or cafe, a waiter or waitress with half a brain, or steak sauce for my t-bone that I ordered off your menu and a smile rather than a scowl when I ask for it, a bloody Mary that actually has some vodka in it instead of 4 ounces of Sriracha “to give it that extra spice”, for pedestrians that don’t walk in the middle of a busy 6-lane avenue causing me to slam on my brakes in panic and nearly crashing with the cars in front of me, or for police officers that don’t run red lights, a city whose citizens care about the arts and culture who don’t look at me with disdain and bewilderment as I bring my drum set into the bar where I am scheduled to perform and they are casually enjoying a drink with friends (as if I was put there to completely disrupt their idyllic lives),  or musicians who actually have respect for one another and don’t jump up on stage in the middle of my performance like some crazed opportunistic mad man jonesing for a chance to show off their weak ass skills (there’s a reason you got into this position in the first place, jerk-off…hint: you can’t fucking play!), for a venue that pays for their own sound and door person instead of “taking it off the top” making the bands suffer even further in a troubling economy, or a real entrepreneur with vision that thinks of building a stage in his/or her venue and then adds it to the blueprints before construction begins, not as an afterthought a month after the grand opening, leaving us musicians no other choice but to set up an entire band on the floor where any drunk patron can easily walk up during a performance and fuck with us, “Hey, y’all play some Skynyrd!”, for a venue to employ adequate security guards and bouncers who are alert and have a performer’s back when the crazy drunk lady gets out of hand and starts throwing silverware at the band from an upstairs balcony, for a manager who would find behavior like this appalling and forever ban said patron from ever returning, rather than giving her a smile and telling her, “Go on home now sweetheart and sleep it off and we’ll see you soon”, or for people to stop using phrases like, “It’s just a Memphis thing”… is that too much to ask from my city?

I’m not angry.  A little spoiled perhaps, but not angry.  I just wanna know.

photo courtesy of Dan Prothero (Fog City Records)

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