Hope this year has a little more to offer up than the last cause 2010 wasn’t much fun.  I lost two of my uncles, my girlfriend/fiancee and I split, my car broke down three times, which cost way too much to fix, I got a pinched nerve in my neck and gigs were in very short supply.  All of which sucked ass.  But with that said the year wasn’t a total loss…the Champs put out a second record, we toured a little bit, received rave reviews, Huey Lewis became a fan of our music and I acquired some new gear…two more vintage Rogers kits, a Craviotto snare that I’d previously owned and sold, and a 1966 Gibson ES-125, gifted to me from Dad.  I am betting that things are on the upswing cause I’m ready to rock.

Here’s a pic from last night’s new year’s eve gig, at Itta Bena here in town.  The lighting in this place is really phenomenal, but I took this with my phone right before our afternoon sound check and I wish I’d gotten a better shot.  Later that night, I came back and brought my camera and let our organ player’s wife shoot the band while we were playing, but she must’ve been a little tipsy cause all 25 pics are blurry!  Someone was having a good time.  Anyway, much love to y’all and happy new year.  Let’s try and make it a good one.  I know I plan to.

My old faithful kit, with me at my last gig of 2010

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