It’s Never Too Late

So, I was in the studio this past weekend, not only drumming but producing as well.  A good friend of mine from my days out in Cali, Billy Seward, asked me to help him with his first solo record.  He’s 56.  I was floored.  Not only is this brother one of the most soulful cats I’ve ever met, he’s a helluva singer, guitarist and songwriter, too.  Having his own record has been a dream of his forever, but life can get in your way, or rather, we will often blame life as the culprit for never fully reaching our goals, when really it’s just an excuse.  Am I making any sense?  Well, let me just say this dude can sing his butt off and writes a damn good song, so all I really had to do was find the right group of guys, studio and engineer and we were in business.  It’s been a little more than two months in the making, with this weekend’s session being the second of two that he’s done for this record.  We did six tunes in four days…that’s six tunes, with 7 people all in the same room at the same time, recorded, overdubs, edited and mixed in four days.  We were moving and the results are so good that Billy was actually brought to tears during the listening party.  I’m so happy to have been a part of it, but more so that my good friend has decided that his dream has been put on-hold for long enough and it’s time to see it through.

Billy Seward at Ardent Studios, Memphis

Congratulations, good buddy and may your gigs be plenty and your worries few.

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