Whatever Happened To…

…the days when someone jumping onstage in the middle of a performance would warrant an ass whoopin?  Just wondering.  I can remember my father telling me that if someone ever does this to you, it’s the ultimate sign of disrespect and should not be tolerated.  Well, in today’s society, it’s a behavior I’m seeing more and more of.  This weekend’s show marks the third time in the past six months this particular thing has occurred while I was in mid-set with a group and it has me totally perplexed.  I just don’t get it and this time the culprit was (apparently) a musician himself or rather, a rapper who is known for this sort of rude behavior.  So much so, that audience members and folks throwing the party were used to his antics and showed no look of surprise when he completely took over during our last song of the night, grabbing the mic in the middle of the tune, shouting expletives in a drunken, garbled voice.  When asked nicely, “Hey man, can you please let us finish our song?”  his reply was, “Naw, it’s cool!”

Hmm, really?  Well, how about a kick to the balls…would that be cool?

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