Grimey’s, the Basement & Nashville Comes Alive

Last night’s gig in Nashville was so much fun and a little sad for me, as we’ll be taking a bit of break while I’m on the west coast with my new gig, but what a time we had.  The Basement is a fantastic club and this was our second time playing there.  We opened for a great local funk band called, The Coolin’ System and the house was packed with a lot of cool folks and lover’s of instrumental music.

The City Champs getting our groove on to a capacity crowd in Nashville.

The locals seemed enthusiastic during our show and afterward were extremely complimentary of our sound.  They flocked to the merch table and bought our records from us, which was a pleasant and welcome surprise, as Nashville can be a tough town for newbies.  There were several good friends of mine in attendance, too and that made the night even more special for me.  We may not be around here for a while, but we can’t wait to come back.

My drum student and good bud, Jake Winebrenner took some time out of his recording session and made the nearly two hour trek from Murfreesboro to see us. What a guy!
My gorgeous friend and pal from Los Angeles, now a Nashville transplant, Stephanie Cooper. What a beautiful lady. Be my valentine?

If you get to Nashville any time soon, you must go and visit the fantastic record store upstairs from the club called, Grimey’s.  One of the best in the world, with a wonderful selection of vinyl, great staff and they are such huge promoters of our music, playing our record in the store and spreading the word.

Great store.
My drums never sounded so good. The Basement is acoustically perfect.

Some time during the night, I was introduced to a sweet young gal who was helping sell the merchandise for both bands and found out she was a DJ on a local college radio station, Vanderbilt University’s own 91.1 WRVU.  Originally from Memphis, Miss Lauren (as she’s known on the air)  hosts a fantastic show called, The Delta Groove, playing soul, blues and roots rock of the southeast.  As Joe and I were driving home after the gig, we tuned-in and for about an hour, the ride was full of soul.  Thanks Lauren.  And to Mike Grimes, Grimey’s, the Basement, all the amazing staff, The Coolin’ System (killer band) and the fine folks in Music City USA…The Champs say thank you and we love you!

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