Memphis, keep the light on for me…

…cause I sure am gonna miss you while I’m gone.

My empty apartment.

This is my last day in town, my stuff is put away in storage and my apartment is almost empty.  I’m ready to go.  Tomorrow morning, my best friend Joe and I are hittin’ the road, straight across I-40, heading westward to Cal-ee-forn-eye-aye.  Should normally only take about 3 days, but we have plans on stopping in Arizona to see the Grand Canyon…don’t think my buddy has ever seen it and I’ve only been once, so it’s a must for us.  For the past several weeks, I’ve been hanging with close friends and soaking up as much of this city’s goodness as possible, in order to fill my being to the absolute brim with Memphis soul.  Trips to my favorite BBQ spots, soul food restaurants, dive bars and late night joints have taken up the majority of my time and my plate is certainly full.  Stay tuned…

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