Break Time

    I’m not very clear at this hour and it’s not even midnight, but I’ve had one amazing, tiresome weekend and sleep is much needed right now.  Before I can take a nap though, I have to jot this down or else I’ll forget about it in the morning cause I’m absolutely exhausted.  Up to Big Sur, two shows at the world famous Henry Miller Memorial Library, lots of scenery, some rain, mountains, Redwoods…a complete sensory overload.  And now, it’s over and I’m home.  The first CRB tour is done and we’ve got a nice little break, which I’m very exited about.  What a time though and filled with tons of memories with my newest friends and band mates.  I feel incredibly fortunate to have been asked to do this job and can’t wait to be a part of what’s next on the horizon.
Big Sur coast

If you read through this blog, you’ll notice that I have several posts regarding photographers and some who’ve become my good friends.  Well, I’ve very recently discovered a young lady who’s really got her shit together and I implore everyone to check out her amazing body of work and accomplishments.  She is Piper Ferguson.  A truly gifted artist.  Oh, I must give credit to Neal Casal, whom I can’t seem to give enough credit to, for telling me about her.  Thanks, Neal!

The other day on the way up to Big Sur, the gang stopped at a Starbucks for some early morning joe, and sitting in front of the cash register was a copy of the new Booker T. Jones CD.  I had to get it.  ?uestlove, Gabe Roth, Sharon Jones, Lou Reed…c’mon, seriously?  As I was flipping through the CD booklet, I stopped suddenly and was floored at a photo of Booker, looking out of a window.  He’s wearing a beautiful fedora and has the most relaxed, at-peace look on his face.  Stunning image.  If you’d told me that it was a photo from thirty years ago, I might have believed you cause he looks so young, aside from the grey hair, that is.  And at the bottom of the photo, there she is credited…Piper Ferguson.  You go girl!

Of course as you can imagine, the record is great and even though a bit short (just a hair over 40 mins), it’s an inspired session and one I’ll be diggin on for a while.  Tonight I decided to go exploring a little and reading through Piper’s website, there was a link to her blog which also has a link to an interview the Washington Post did with Booker recently.  The reporter, Erin Williams is asking him about his new recording and the quote from him was right on…

“I guess what I want people to realize is that there is a place on the earth that really gave us an insurmountable amount of great music, and that was Memphis, Tennessee. And it gave me a whole life– it made my life worth living. Because I was so fortunate to be born there and to get whatever this thing is that’s imbued in Memphis musicians. Everybody from…Al Green to Elvis Presley to B.B. King to Johnny Ace. There’s just a community – a music community – and an energy that you receive when you come from there.”

Preach it, brother!

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