Family, Friends and Gratitude

This trip home has been fun and I feel incredibly fortunate for the loved ones in my life.  I haven’t stopped going since I got here…had lunch with my amazing sister Dawne, spent the weekend in Missouri with my oldest and closest friend Joe Hardin, his two beautiful kids Marc & Brenna, and his mom & dad, Jim & Barb, had breakfast with Mom, attended a great birthday party for my 6 yr old niece Hannah Grace, played numerous gigs and hung out with some of my best buds in town, Jostevo, Craig, Jeff, Lucas, Pat, Pee Wee, Jeremy, Tony, Kirk, Doc, and attended many sit-down dinners with some truly inspiring folks…Rick & Eimir, Chad & Arwen, Brad & Belle, Joe & Philly.  Wow.  And I can’t forget the incredible Spake family, who have been kind enough to put up with me these past couple of weeks, as the annoying scruffy house guest who won’t leave!

Had a great breakfast with my mom, Rosa and afterward, we decided to go and pay a visit to my not-so-little-anymore younger brother, Richard. Holy cow, I can't believe he'll be 30 this month. Time has certainly flown by and I was so happy to see him again!

Thank you and I love you all.  My heart and my belly are certainly full.

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