Let The Games Begin!

I woke up, got out of bed and dragged a comb across my head…

Had a fairly smooth ride from LAX to O’Hare on Virgin America (first time flying with them) and with the exception of a near quarrel with an aggressive 80 year old man, my day was pretty much hassle-free.  Watched a movie, listened to some tunes, drank some tea.  Everyone’s gear made it in safe too which had made me a little nervous at first, considering I’m traveling with a new toy.

Brand spankin new 24″ Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversary Ride. I am freakin STOKED! I’ve been with this company as an endorsee for more than ten years and I’ve played a lot of their stuff but this one right here…Holy Jesus! Looking forward to introducing it to my Rogers.  This baby is absolutely gorgeous and sings its ass off, too.

Ahh Chicago, how I’ve missed you.  This place is great and I love the energy here.  Compared to all the others, I feel peaceful in this city and maybe it’s because my dad and his family are originally from here, who knows.

Chicago. My kinda town!

Today marks the beginning of the summer fun with CRB.  Early afternoon rehearsal, evening to ourselves, then off we go into the wild.  Stay tuned.

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