Her Voice, Those Drums

Los Angeles is a great town and I’m happy to be back here working during my time off, although my doctor says I should be taking it easy due to a pinched nerve in my neck that’s still not yet healed.  Ouch!  But who can say no when a lady comes a-callin’?  Certainly not me.  Anyhow, yesterday I was in the studio with a wonderful singer songwriter, Julie Cain, a fantastic & unique voice that is really nice to hear coming through the headphones.  It was low-key, easy and fun but I wish I’d had the presence of mind to snap some pics of the session, especially the drums.  24″ Premier 1950’s set with an 8 x 14 Slingerland snare that (apparently) used to belong to one of the many drummers from Jethro Tull…I didn’t ask which one.  Clive Bunker, perhaps?  Killer sounds…woody, open but very dry.  And with the timbre of this young lady’s voice, was a wonderful mix.  Producer, Sean Hoffman (American Music Club) is a joy to work with, as well.  Fantastic musicians, both of them and  judging from the results so far, once it’s done, this is gonna be a great record.

Julie Cain...easy on the eyes, too

Everyone should hear her sing.

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