Ever get a feeling about yourself, of suddenly noticing where you are, of what you’re doing with your life?  Where you’re going and what it all means…any of that?  It hits me occasionally, at weird, random moments but is fleeting and never lingers.  Like I’m suddenly in a dream, floating, outside of myself, looking at everything.  It’s a bizarre thing.  Last night it happened.  We were in the middle of a tune, I’m on stage (totally sober) and I suddenly have this hyper awareness of where I am and what I’m doing, but it was like I was watching myself perform.  I was still able to play during this dream state, nothing was lost but (for a brief moment) it was like my spirit was dancing around me, sitting on my shoulders checking me out.  Then, I was reminded of a passage I’d read in a wonderful book by Eckhart Tolle called, The Power Of Now, where he’s describing three different states of being…the first is just you in the moment, then next is your mind with all of your thoughts, but then there’s another self that is above all of that, listening, watching and that’s the one I felt last night.  It’s hard to explain.

An out-of-body experience, perhaps?

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