End of the year is near, one last tour of the west coast then its into the studio we go to record our first album.  Pretty psyched about it all and looking back over the past 9 months or so, I’m reminded of all the traveling we’ve done to get to this point.  Just over a hundred shows in such a short time, back and forth across the country several times, we’ve been really busy and although exhausting, it’s been super fun. I’d like to think we’re all a little bit wiser and have maybe even learned a thing or two about life, as well as music.  Who knows, but whatever the case, we’ve certainly racked up a ton of memories.

rehearsals at the Alley in LA
getting our gear to fit so snuggly into the back of a 15-passenger van
Muddy. my fellow partner in crime
the rigors of the road
meeting, playing and hanging with the great Bob Weir
backstage blues
all those amazing shows and wonderful audiences
friends & fans that made a lasting impression
our watchful mascot, PDC (Possible Dust Clouds)...whether he's on the bus or on the stage, he's looking out for us
our fantastic tour manager, Brian. always there to remind us where to go, what time to be there and check our tired asses into one hotel after another until he was literally exhausted by the end of the day. what a guy!
and finally, CR. forever faithful & mindful of the muse. thanks bro.

Less than two weeks to go on this last run before we break for Christmas.  Excited, tired and extremely grateful for this gig.  We’ve come a long way, but we’re just now getting started.

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