Ahh, that San Diego sunshine, sho does a body good!

Just spent the weekend, two hours south of LA, back in my old stomping grounds of SD and had too much fun, hanging and recording with the great blues & jazz artist, Robin Henkel.  We tracked 15 or 16 tunes in two days and never did more than two or three takes of each.  He’s real cool to work with and there’s not an ounce of pressure or stress, just an easy, relaxed environment.  Drinking coffee, eating chili dogs and watching old movies, like Dr. Strangelove.  Good times!

My good buddy, Robin Henkel is a total crack-up!

He was gracious enough to loan me his vintage 1960’s Pearl drum set for the session, which made my load that much lighter and they sounded killer.

60's Pearl, 20, 12 & 16!

…augmented (of course) with some bitchin Agop‘s and my 80’s Pearl snare.  Whew!

24" Agop 30th Anniversary ride, 15" OM hats and vintage 6 1/2" x 14" Pearl COB (chrome over brass) "Jupiter" snare

My trip was made even better when Robin invited me to play with he and harmonica great, Billy Watson, another long-time colleague of mine.  Wow, what a time we had and dig my set-up for the gig…

my old man used to say, "Son, if you can't do it with one drum, then you won't do it at all!"
Triumphant Trio...me, Robin & Billy. Lots of fun!

Robin even took the time to give yours truly a much-needed guitar lesson and my drummin fingers were sure sore afterward, but maybe something will come out of it yet, we’ll see.  I’m still working on it.  Hey, but don’t I look like a songwriter?

don't worry...that old school mic is just for show.

Well, guess it’s time for bed now.  Gotta get up and start packing for my trip to Tulsa…two-week recording session with the great, Jesse Aycock at the world famous Church StudiosLeon Russell‘s old place.  Crazy.  Joining me on this adventure is the one and only brilliant genius musician, CRB guitarist and my right-hand man, Neal Casal.  It’s gonna be good!  Jesse is on fire right now and his music is fantastic.  Check out his Kickstarter campaign here

Oh, almost forgot…they just announced the release of the CRB’s debut…

Big Moon Ritual, coming to your door on June 5th!

Much love, y’all.

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