Hodgepodge: a heterogeneous mixture : jumble <a hodgepodge of styles>


My mind is kinda racing around at the moment, lots of stuff going on and some of it is related, while the rest is just random thought.  Thinking about what I gotta do this week, paying bills, getting the oil changed in the car, phone calls, emails, letters, eating good, sleeping good, getting some kind of exercise routine together and yes, practicing some drums.  All of this is running around up there in my dome and it’s just a big ‘ol jumbled mess, making me wanna do nothing.

Tuesday evening, I arrived back in LA and was pretty exhausted after my long day of traveling…the never-ending good-bye with the fantastic Tulsa folk, two flights, and half-hour drive back home wore me out.  Haven’t wanted to pick up a pair of sticks at all but a friend of mine recommended I listen to a Mel Lewis interview from the late 8o’s, which led to watching videos of Baby Dodds and that really got me going.  Then, I listened to a recent Tom Waits interview from NPR and that blew my mind, completely and (although inspired) I still didn’t really feel like playing but at least my head was in the right place.  Well, earlier today I sat and watched Elvin Jones, Different Drummer and low and behold, finally got fired up enough to lay down a little ditty.  My camera was about to give me fits and even though it’s low quality, I got it figured out, sat down at the little Rogers kit and this beat rolled outta me.  I call it, The Hodgepodge.

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