Think Melodically

I’ve received a lot of feedback lately from folks saying they would like to see more videos and lessons on this blog and I have to say that I’m extremely flattered.  Thank y’all so much for your wonderful words of encouragement and I will do my best to continue posting my grooves, ideas and stuff I like to play, hopefully without too much boring commentary thrown-in!  The two I’d like to share today are coming from a little bit different place than some of the others, as they have more of a melodic thing going on, where I’m playing rhythms that are not only supportive of the tune but also accentuate the guitar parts and play off of that.  For me, learning the melody of a song is extremely important and really helps to determine exactly what I’m going to do or say…how my own voice will be heard and still lift up the tune at the same time.  With this first groove, which is from The City Champs tune, The Set-Up, I am playing an 8th note pattern on the hi-hats but accenting the downbeat, and if you listen to the track…

you will notice the rhythm that the guitarist, Joe Restivo, is playing before the melody comes in has a similar accent happening throughout.  Here’s the groove for The Set-Up

Taking that same melodic approach, here’s Chinatown

My playing got a little sloppy and bombastic there but you get the general idea.  The guitarist and I are actually playing a very similar rhythmic pattern together, creating a nice sonic bed for the organ melody to lie in.  Awww…

Again, I wanna say how much I appreciate everyone who has paid a visit to this blog and made comments, I’m having a great time with it.  I’m not much of a clinician, so if anyone has something specific they’d like to know in regards to a particular sticking or various permutations, feel free to inquire and I’ll do my best to answer whatever question you might have.  Oh, and please don’t hesitate to purchase some of the bands’ music, here…we’d love you for it!

Much Love & Respect.

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