Every so often…

life will throw you a curve ball and recently, there was a pretty wacky one thrown at me when I received a phone call last month from actor, John C. Reilly.  He’d been given my number from a mutual friend who recommended me for the newly-open drummer’s seat with his country-folk group, John C. Reilly & Friends.  I was floored and he’s exactly how you might think of him…kind generous and funny as hell, but on top of all that, the dude’s got some pipes!  Yes, he can actually sing and play the guitar really well, which came as a welcome surprise to me.  We did two rehearsals, learned about 30 songs then hit the road for a three-day trip up the west coast to Santa Barbara, San Francisco and Santa Cruz.  It was a blast and the shows were pretty much at capacity and extremely fun.

After, he and the rest of the band all shook hands with one another and said their goodbye’s (all eight of us!) he asked if I was free to do another run in late May, which happens to be this very weekend.  Yes!  The shows are in Portland, Vancouver and Gorge, WA…you can check my website for details…maybe I’ll see some of you out there.  Fortunately for all involved, I’ve had some time off from the CRB and have been available to play these shows with them and it’s been a total gas.  John is a tremendous talent and one helluva nice guy, so go see him, buy his music and watch his movies.  He’s hilarious!

My view at rehearsal…singer Becky Stark & JCR

Curve balls can be fun.

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