My mother called the other day to congratulate me on the recent appearance on the Tonight Show and mentioned her overwhelming love for the tune we played.  Her name is Rosa and her middle name is Lee, but my dad always referred to her by both, so when you say them together, it sounds like Rosalee or Rosalie.  Anyhow, she was incredibly moved by the tune, so I’m sending this one out in respect and love for my mother, Rosa Lee Parmen.  Here’s the groove for Rosalee.

For this video, I’m playing my 1960’s Rogers “Mercury” Drum Set…
14 x 20 Bass Drum
8 x 12 Rack Tom
5 x 14 “Luxor” Snare w bandana over the top
14″ Istanbul Agop “Traditional” HiHats
21″ Istanbul Agop “Mel Lewis” Ride w two rivets

Rosalee Groove

It’s a simple 8th note funk feel for the verse sections, with accented downbeats on the hi hats. The second section is a pre-chorus where I switch to 16th notes on the hats before going to my ride cymbal for the main chorus and the beat becomes more syncopated. If you listen to Funky Drummer by James Brown, you will hear Clyde Stubblefield playing the funkiest 16th note beat you’ve ever heard and this was my inspiration for this groove.  And I believe that youtube took down the original video for our performance, most likely due to a licensing issue, so here it is from a different site.

CRB — Leno

Thanks, y’all!


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