illyB & the Great Revival

Many years as a touring drummer has offered me the great fortune of meeting  a lot of wonderful people in all corners of this beautiful globe and for the moment, I’m in no short supply of close comrades.  Recently, on a road trip to Portland, I had the pleasure of hanging with one such individual, who’s become somewhat of an inspiration to me lately and his name is Jose Medeles.  In addition to being the drummer for The Breeders, he’s also part owner and operator of one of the best (and my hands-down favorite) drum shops in America, Revival Drum Shop.

Picked up this ’70s beauty last time I was there…

1970’s Pearl 5 x 14, chrome over brass snare drum. POW!

When I arrived, after our initial greetings and hugs, Jose asked if I wanted to join him for some espresso then treated me to a double cappuccino from the coffee house next door.  Now that’s what I call, treatment.  So, we get back to the shop and while looking at all of the gorgeous drums everywhere, I notice they’ve got  some flyers posted for a Billy Martin clinic that was happening the following day but I was on my way up to Canada, so Jose offers up a copy of Billy’s new instructional DVD entitled, Life On Drums and the inspiration continues on.  I should mention that after watching this amazing piece of work at home a few days later, I sat down at my drum set and something flowed out of me that can best be described as, spiritual.  Luckily for me, Billy came through Los Angeles the very next week along with my friend Wil Blades and they performed together as Billy Martin & Wil Blades Duo at the Mint, which was outstanding.  They have a new record, too and I highly recommend getting it.  Having seen MMW numerous times in the past, that night was only the second time I’ve had the chance to meet and talk with him in person and he was gracious and wise to say the least.  What a tremendous player.  Thank you, illyB!

For any artist, musician or otherwise, this DVD is incredible so go and buy it and if you’re in the Portland area, please visit Revival and see if you don’t come away with something of value, even if you don’t make a purchase.  My man Jose or a member of his fine staff will meet you with a smile, no doubt about it.

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