Agop’s a Lott!

My good friend, amazing drummer and studio guru, Sinclair Lott (or Sinc, as I like to refer to him) embarked on a journey with me this week, videotaping cymbals for Istanbul Agop‘s current catalog and we’re having a blast working in his fantastic home studio. The cymbal company has been in the process of building a cool new website that will be launched sometime very soon and the videos we’re shooting will be a big part of it, so it’s quite an honor to work with them on this project. Having been an endorsee of their cymbals since 2000, I’ve personally gone through a good bit of metamorphosis as a drummer, changing the way I play, how I listen and even what I hear in the music. Yes, they really ARE that good and worth every penny if you decide to go down that road, but I should warn you…the sound of these cymbals can be very addicting. Just ask this guy right here…

Like a kid in a candy store, Sinclair loves these pies!
We decided to put the cymbals in a wooden crate that Sinclair had because there are so many and its really helped us to have them organized like this.

A couple of weeks ago, I found another Rogers kit on craigslist and couldn’t pass them up, as well as a gorgeous 1920’s Ludwig brass snare from my friend Barry, so we’re getting to use them all for these videos and the sound is amazing. Sinclair has a deal with Aquarian drum heads and when he contacted them to see if they were interested in getting involved, they didn’t miss a beat, quickly sending us a box and outfitting my entire kit with new heads. Nice folks.

Mid-60’s Rogers, 20, 12 & 16 in Silver Sparkle with a 1920’s Ludwig 10-lug brass snare. Aquarian heads: 14″ American Vintage (snare), Texture Coated 12 & 16 (toms) and Super Kick 10 (bass drum). Totally boss!

Tomorrow will be my last day of videotaping then Sinc has the wonderful task of editing them all down before they can go up on the new site. I’m super jazzed that he wanted to be involved in this endeavor and grateful for his time, effort and beautiful, laid-back disposition. It’s been a pleasure working with him.

Diligent and focused.

He’s also a lover of coffee, just like me and every morning has some ready for us.

Cafe Lott, eh?

Stay tuned…


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