My Uncle is a Rock Star

Do bands like, Fugazi, Minor Threat or Bad Brains, ring any bells? Ok, cool. And what about folks like, Ian MacKaye, Dave Grohl or Henry Rollins? Any D.C. underground punks out there? I thought so…and if that’s the case, then perhaps you’ve heard of Inner Ear Recording Studios, or better yet, Don Zientara? Well, he’s my uncle and in some circles, he’s known as the king of D.C. hardcore. Producer, engineer, owner, operator and president of one of the east coast’s most prominent studios…Don has seen and done it all and with every one of those names and more. For more than 25 years he’s sat at the helm of the mixing console making it happen…from humble beginnings in the basement of his own home to the current location of the studio, in south Arlington, VA. It’s been an amazing ride and he’s showing no signs of slowing down, as the studio is busier than ever.

Juanita Zientara, me & Don wonderful aunt & uncle!
Juanita Zientara, me & Don Zientara…my wonderful aunt & uncle!

And he’s one of the nicest guys on the planet. So is his wife, my aunt Juanita!

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