Back Into The Fold

We all do stupid things.  It’s in our nature as humans and once in a while I’ll do something really stupid that makes no sense whatsoever and makes me feel terrible inside. I’m talking about selling-off a nice drum (or two!) during a lean month because I needed the bread.  Yes, I’ve done this before but it’s never good and I hope to never see days (or months) like that ever again.  I am definitely guilty of this crime, no doubt and could tell you stories of tossing in my bed over how bad it made me feel.  Anyway, for some reason that I haven’t yet figured out, a few of these pieces I let go of not too long ago, have made their way back to me and I couldn’t be happier about it.  Two of them came last month…

The first: a Bleifuss Handcrafted 8 x 14 orchestral snare, nicknamed Big Brown

Big Brown

This drum is so bitchin, I can’t even begin to describe the lush tone it has.  It was originally built for a snare drummer with the San Diego Symphony and has 8 ply’s of Maple with a layer of fiberglass on the inside to give it extra projection. It’s incredibly throaty, rich & sensitive.  A work of art and I was a complete fool to ever let it go and I’m sorry about it.  But as I mentioned, times were tough and I was totally broke.  A friend of mine bought it from me several years ago and fell in love with it immediately, which made the transaction even worse, as I knew in my heart I’d probably never see or hear the drum again.  Low & behold…a few weeks ago, I received an email from my old friend asking if by chance I’d like to have Big Brown back because he said he wasn’t playing drums much anymore and the drum was collecting dust.  Can you believe my luck?  Wow, I said and quickly got the money out to him to buy it back and now that it’s here with me again and sounding so amazing, I will keep it forever!

The second drum, also a Bleifuss Handcrafted, is a 6 x 14 aluminum snare known as, The Bluminator.

The Bluminator

Similar story…I let it go to a friend who had it for a while, then asked if I wanted it back.  I didn’t hesitate and hope it stays with me till I’m gone. Nearly a quarter of an inch of billet aluminum, there is no sonic space where ‘ol Blu can’t go.  To put it simply, this drum kicks major ass and I’ve used it on several recordings and many live shows that I’m most proud of.  Like this one, for example…

The City Champs — The Set Up

When I’m awarded the gift of receiving back an old piece of gear, the feeling is immense and I’m instantly filled with a warm feeling of gratitude and joy.  My only hope is that the kind folks who’ve allowed me the opportunity to reclaim my old gear are also feeling some form of happiness, perhaps just in the act of performing such a good deed.  I thank you and am very lucky, especially since my good friend Paul Bleifuss, who created these pieces is no longer with us and would probably be very pissed if he knew I’d sold-off the drums he built for me!

The world keeps on turning…

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