Snare Crazy!

It’s true, I can’t help myself sometimes and my collection of snares has now grown to a whopping eleven, with number twelve in the mail right now, on it’s way to my house.  Oh, what to do?  Maybe I’m a bad person for buying all of these drums and filling up my apartment…I must have a problem.  But I keep telling myself it’s okay cause they’re tools of my trade and I need them.  Right?  I mean, it’s OK for a guitarist to own a couple dozen guitars, so I should be able to have a few snares in my arsenal.  Different sizes, a variety of woods & metals and each with it’s own unique voice.  I don’t see anything wrong with that.

Rogers, Ludwig, Slingerland, Bleifuss, Pearl & Craviotto
Rogers, Ludwig, Slingerland, Bleifuss, Pearl & Craviotto

Wait a minute…what’s this…someone who’s got it worse than me?

The Curotto Collection
The Curotto Collection!

This is a wonderful book written by a cat named Michael Curotto, detailing his collection of rare, vintage snare drums with an estimated value of over a million bucks.  That’s pretty funny and what a relief!  Here I am thinking I’ve got a problem owning eleven, no… twelve snare drums, when come to find out that this dude has more than 450.  Whew, I think I’m gonna be fine.  Thank you Mike, even though I haven’t yet had the pleasure of shaking your hand, I truly applaud you.  This is quite a fantastic book folks and features gorgeous digital photography by Steve Haag.  If you’re like me and you have an insatiable thirst for finding the perfect snare drum, then please give it a go…I think you’ll really dig it.  I’m sure Mike (and his wife) will appreciate it, too!

The Curotto Collection

Mike Curotto, the man himself!  Photo courtesy of
Mike Curotto, the man himself! Photo courtesy of

I’ve already shown this to y’all in the last post, but it won’t hurt to feature it more than once.  Yes, indeed…I’m happy as a clam to show off my latest…picked up from my beautiful friends at Revival Drum Shop in Portland…a 1940’s Slingerland 7 x 14 “Radio King” in white marine pearl.

The Slingy sounded great in the studio.
And it sure sounded great in the studio.

Thank you, Jose’…it’s a killer!

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