Patty & Me

A few weeks ago, my buddy Dave Palmer called to ask if I’d like to join him on the Tonight Show to play a song with the great Patty Griffin from her upcoming new release, American Kid.  I nearly dropped the phone.  Would I?  Well gosh, I’d be honored!  Dave is an incredible piano player and local LA session guru, whom I’ve only known for a short while, so I was extremely flattered to get this call from him.  The date was set, emails and info were exchanged back & forth between the parties involved, and the rest is (or will soon be) history. Wow.

Once again, I sit in my room pinching myself.

But here’s the fun part…her new album was recorded down in North Mississippi at Jim Dickinson’s world famous Zebra Ranch Studios, along with my very good friends and amazing musicians, Luther & Cody Dickinson  So it’s got this nasty, dirty, down home, delta swamp funk feel on it like only these Mississippi guys can do and I couldn’t be more excited about it.  I’ve been listening to this song every day and the groove is so ingrained into my bloodstream that I’m having dreams about it at night.  Her voice is irresistible…

...and she's incredibly beautiful.
…and she’s incredibly beautiful.

Oh, lucky me!  Tune-in, May 7th to see us.

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