Never A Dull Moment

Whenever I can manage to find time to get back home to Memphis, things can sometimes get pretty crazy, pretty quick and this most recent trip has been no exception.  But who needs sleep, right?  In order to fly cheap, you must always make a sacrifice and in this case it meant leaving late at night and since it was direct, I went for it.  Delta’s red-eye out of LAX landed at 6:56AM this past Monday and by 3PM that afternoon, I was already on my way to Music & Arts Recording Studios for a session with Amy Lavere.  Good times.  My dear friend Luther Dickinson is producing Amy’s new record and brought me in for three tunes.  I was stoked and we had a blast.

The very next morning and following three days…rehearsals with my favorite trio, The City Champs.  Old songs, new songs, the band flowed together like we’d never had a break from one another.  It was pure magic.  We were scheduled to play at the Levitt Shell on Saturday but the rain kept everyone indoors that night, so we threw a house party instead.  Yep, haven’t played one of those since I was a little kid and what an amazing time.  50-60 people crammed into our organ player’s home and luckily the friendly neighbors of midtown never called the cops.  Fortunately, the fine folks at the Shell were making sure those rehearsals meant something and kindly rescheduled us for this Wednesday (tomorrow!) night, which will make my family very happy since they’ve all been planning to see me for several weeks.  Let’s hope the rain clouds stay far away from us this time.

House party!
House party!

Yesterday, I loaded-in to Scott Bomar‘s Electraphonic Studios for a session with the Champs and couldn’t be more excited to be recording with these cats again.  The energy is great and we are getting some gorgeous tones in this room, so I feel like it’s gonna good, whatever it is.

The Rogers never sounded so good!
The Rogers never sounded so good!

Stay tuned…

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