She Brings Me Coffee (Or, She Used To)

My mornings have been really amazing for the last five or six months and coffee has been a big part of it, especially when it’s French pressed! The smell of those beans fills my lungs and heart and makes me happy. What a wonderful, soothing liquid and coupled with a woman’s touch…well, that’s my kinda livin’, folks. She knows what she’s doing and the flavor is perfect, every time. But as much as I might enjoy those lovely little black beans, currently they’re not agreeing with my stomach, so I’ve had to put them (and several other tasty pleasures) away for a bit.

Ever hear of Candida?  Neither have I, until recently.  You might wanna read up on it, just in case.

About five days ago, I went and visited a local nutritionist here in LA who took a sample of my blood and blew it up onto a big screen for me to see exactly what was/is currently going on inside my body. Holy crap! There were Candida all over the place and things did not look good. I’ve had a pretty high sugar intake for most of my life and its caused some serious problems with my digestion, so the time has finally come to make a change.

This means, no sugar, grains, dairy or caffeine for at least 30 days. Alcohol as well but I no longer drink, so that’s not a problem. I will however miss having my dear sweet gal bring me coffee in the morning.


Guess I’ll have to settle for herbal tea.

Oh, and in case you’d like to read up on this crazy diet…

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