This dude…

Billy Harvey is a true artist.

Thoughtful, wonderful musician, funny as hell, incredibly cool, extremely generous and he’s my friend. Recently, he asked if I’d help him record a new album, which I gladly obliged and doing so has been one of the highlights of my life & career. I am grateful. Thank you, Billy. These songs are amazing and I can’t wait to hear them when they’re finished and the record is done. We are all looking forward to it’s completion, the subsequent release and the knock-down-drag-out-big-time-thrown-down-block-party that will ensue soon after. So listen friends, y’all better brace yourselves for this one. It’s definitely gonna piss some people off. In a good way — HA!

Ladies & gents (mostly ladies)…check it out,

Billy Harvey — Kickstarter

billy harvey, courtesy of
billy harvey, courtesy of
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