Yeah, So This Happened Tonight

Bun E Carlos: “Can I come back and say hi to George?”

Brian Sarkin (CRB tour mgr): “Sure, absolutely!”

I’m sitting backstage as he comes walking in with a few of his buddies, says hello to everyone then sees me and says, “Hi, George! I brought you a present!” He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a vintage Rogers drum key.

“Here ya go!”


I was completely floored. Bun E is one of the sweetest cats, ever. He and our tour manager Brian have been friends for years, so I had an idea he might show up tonight here in Milwaukee but I surely wasn’t counting on it cause I think he lives more than an hour from here.

Anyway, he was having fun and stayed for the entire show and was a total gentleman. Hanging out with us backstage, he was kind and very complimentary of the band and of my playing. I couldn’t believe it. Having seen us two years ago, he seemed very excited about the sound of the band as it is right now. What a guy!

Bun E and me!

Many thanks to Neal Casal for snapping this great pic of us.

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