Never Ceases To Amaze

This latest run with the CRB has been going really well…we’re all having a blast and making friends all over the place. I feel incredibly lucky, grateful and happy to be able to do this for a living and I keep my father’s voice of wisdom forever close to me, “Just stick with it, son”.

Thanks, Dad!

I really love what I do and it’s always a pleasure meeting good people, especially a great photographer with not just an eye for detail but a kind heart as well and good manners…someone who really knows the game.

Phil Clarkin has it down.

Me at the Bottleneck in Lawrence, KS a few nights ago...courtesy of the great Phil Clarkin
The Bottleneck in Lawrence, KS a few nights ago…courtesy of my new friend, Phil Clarkin. Thanks, Phil!

Look for him. Hire him. Buy his photos.

You’re welcome.

P.S. 13, 16 & 20…my latest tub-configuration. Very pleased.


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