They Ain’t Hollow

Had a great time in San Diego last weekend, recording with The Holla Pointe, our third time in the studio together. It was a lot of fun and Studio West is top-shelf.


I arrived early to find a beautiful, completely original 70’s Rogers kit in lovely green sparkle, all set-up and ready to go…all I had to do was put up my cymbals and snare. There was a 24″ Slingy bass drum upstairs in their drum storage, which I placed in front of the 20″ Rogers and we picked up a good amount of low-end once we mic’d it up. The tones were amazing and tracking started within an hour of the first day. This studio and the folks who run it are some of the finest I’ve ever come across and I can’t wait to hear the results from this session. We laid down fourteen tunes in just two days. Not too shabby.

Before heading back home to Memphis, I took a day to go see some old friends and was really glad I did. It was nice to be back on the west coast for a minute.


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