Sugar Percussion drums are crazy-good!

Recently, Jefferson Shallenberger from Sugar Percussion decided to give away a few custom snare drums, in an effort to help support the rather large community of players who’ve lost most or all of their income due to Covid-19 shutting down our industry. Not only was that a beautiful gesture but incredibly kind. If you can believe this, several folks secretly sent my name in as someone who might’ve been “in-need” and I freakin one of these beauties! Totally blew my mind but this is what I got…


Crazy looking 5 x 14 solid Poplar shell, hand painted off-white (ish) with green morse code all around the drum, spelling the word, fuck. It has been dubbed, the F-Bomb snare and it sounds fucking GREAT. I asked my new friend Jefferson why that particular word and he said he felt like an accurate description of our current world situation. Basically, it’s fucked and I couldn’t agree more.

Anyway, y’all please go visit my friends at Sugar Percussion and get yourself a drum that probably sounds better than any other one you own and is built to last.


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