New Charlie Hunter Trio Record

It is such a joy to able to finally, after nearly four years of waiting, share this music with the world. Charlie Hunter Trio Live At The Memphis Music Mansion was recorded in October of 2017 during a three night run in my hometown, Memphis and came on the heels of two prior tours together, so we were firing on all cylinders that weekend. Unfortunately, the very first night of the shows, Charlie and I contracted food poisoning and were sick as dogs… Michael Blake got it the following day and was also very ill, the record was shelved because we felt like we all played badly. But time has a way of healing the past, somehow and when Charlie called me one afternoon to tell me he’d been listening to the recordings from those gigs and decided they weren’t as awful as he’d remembered and that he was going to release an albums worth of songs, I was elated.

My dear friend Chad Anderson was hired to do the cover art and I’d say he did an amazing job of capturing the three of us in action. Thank you, brother!

The album can be found here.

Charlie Hunter – 7 String Guitar
Michael Blake – Tenor, Soprano & Baritone Saxes
George Sluppick – Drums

Stephen Lee Price – Recorded / Mixed

Chad Anderson – Cover Art

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Sugar Percussion drums are crazy-good!

Recently, Jefferson Shallenberger from Sugar Percussion decided to give away a few custom snare drums, in an effort to help support the rather large community of players who’ve lost most or all of their income due to Covid-19 shutting down our industry. Not only was that a beautiful gesture but incredibly kind. If you can believe this, several folks secretly sent my name in as someone who might’ve been “in-need” and I freakin one of these beauties! Totally blew my mind but this is what I got…


Crazy looking 5 x 14 solid Poplar shell, hand painted off-white (ish) with green morse code all around the drum, spelling the word, fuck. It has been dubbed, the F-Bomb snare and it sounds fucking GREAT. I asked my new friend Jefferson why that particular word and he said he felt like an accurate description of our current world situation. Basically, it’s fucked and I couldn’t agree more.

Anyway, y’all please go visit my friends at Sugar Percussion and get yourself a drum that probably sounds better than any other one you own and is built to last.


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Back In That Memphis Groove

So glad to be home and off the road. The past five months have shown me what’s really important in this life and being here, close to my family and friends means everything. My calendar is filling up with local work and I couldn’t be happier. Also, I have recently started teaching and I’m having a blast with that…if you’re interested you can find out more by clicking on my Lessons page. In the meantime…be good to yourselves!

Much love & respect,


My Rogers blue onyx kit with 60’s Cleveland-era 12 & 14 toms, matching snare and a brand new 12 x 16 bass drum, custom-built by master craftsman, Chris Heuer. This drum sings!

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Has been a blast. Double-decker bus, plenty of food, great crowds, and lots of laughs with the gang. Couldn’t ask for anything more. With two-thirds of the tour behind us and just finishing a brisk 8-day run, the band is super tight but today we’ve got a day-off in lovely Hamburg, then a handful of shows before we part company again…everyone is happy.


Hermann, our badass driver and uber eccentric gentleman. Dig the white orchids on his dashboard. Cool, huh?

Good times.

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Charlie Hunter Rules

When Charlie Hunter called to ask if I wanted to do a short, two-week tour with his trio, featuring saxophone badass, Michael Blake, I flipped! We’ve been friends for many years and I opened for him numerous times in the early 2000’s but we’ve never gotten into a car and toured as a band together, so I was totally psyched outta my mind. He’s such a great guy, tremendous musician and just the most wonderful player. I took my girlfriend to see him in Los Angeles last year and we had a great time that night. She knew as well as me what I was up against when I got the call but once he sent the music we’d be playing, I knew there was no need to worry about anything. The tunes from his latest record are superbad and right up my alley. I could not wait.

After some emails & texts to one another, the flight was booked and a few weeks later, I jumped on a plane and made my to his home in New Jersey. One day to rehearse then the three of us hit the road, headed for upstate New York. In all honesty, I was nervous at first but once we started playing, those feelings disappeared and there was nothing but the music. Needless to say, we have been having a blast. We’ve done six shows and the response has been tremendous.

I’m writing y’all from the road, currently sitting in the backseat of Charlie’s car, on our way to Columbus, Ohio with a day-off. Hopefully, we’ll find a laundromat today! There are four more shows left, then we will say goodbye until meeting up again in October and I can’t wait for that!


Charlie Hunter Trio, at SPACE in Evanston, Illinois April 8, 2017 — L to R: yours truly, CH & Michael Blake. Photo courtesy of Michael Tooles.


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They Ain’t Hollow

Had a great time in San Diego last weekend, recording with The Holla Pointe, our third time in the studio together. It was a lot of fun and Studio West is top-shelf.


I arrived early to find a beautiful, completely original 70’s Rogers kit in lovely green sparkle, all set-up and ready to go…all I had to do was put up my cymbals and snare. There was a 24″ Slingy bass drum upstairs in their drum storage, which I placed in front of the 20″ Rogers and we picked up a good amount of low-end once we mic’d it up. The tones were amazing and tracking started within an hour of the first day. This studio and the folks who run it are some of the finest I’ve ever come across and I can’t wait to hear the results from this session. We laid down fourteen tunes in just two days. Not too shabby.

Before heading back home to Memphis, I took a day to go see some old friends and was really glad I did. It was nice to be back on the west coast for a minute.


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Memphis Welcomes Home

Yes, it’s true…I moved back home to Memphis (just in time for Christmas!) and it’s been rather glorious so far, if I must say. Very good things ahead…

stay tuned!



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