San Fran, Is Too Cool

Four nights at the Great American Music Hall in SF this past weekend…what a great time we had. The crowds for the CRB were not only cool but very respectful of us. Not a single person got rude with their cell phone nor did anyone have to be thrown outta there for bad behavior, and over the course of that many shows, it’s worth it to make note of that. The music, the energy, people dancing, the gorgeous venue & sound was just wonderful and we soaked it all up. I am quite literally exhausted.

So, here’s to all the beautiful folks who came to see us…thank you!

All that remains...courtesy of Neal Casal.
All that remains…courtesy of Neal Casal.

Off to San Diego for a two-night run at the Belly-Up Tavern.

Give The Drummer Some!

This weekend I was asked to be part of a new (ish) podcast called, Give The Drummer Some!, where they speak to various professional drummers from all over the globe and talk about anything & everything. It was an honor. I did an interview with their host, Chris Troy and co-host, Tom Ashcroft, via Skype and it’s about 90 mins in length and I don’t blame you one bit if you can’t stomach my voice for that long because I couldn’t, so don’t feel bad. I also sound like a complete idiot but whatever.

Nonetheless, it was great fun, they are super witty, nice guys who absolutely live for heavy metal music, which is hilarious that they even knew about me in the first place but Chris assured me that he knew exactly who I was and that he was a big fan. I was touched. Unfortunately, I really wasn’t able to hang with them at all when the discussion would turn toward metal, outside of one or two comments regarding some old favorites like, Iron Maiden or Black Sabbath but they didn’t seem to mind my lack of knowledge in the least. Anyhow, we discussed other wild topics, ranging from music, to our favorite drummers, Star Wars, Star Trek, Roger Moore vs. Sean Connery and lots more. It was a gas. You may have a listen if you like and see if you can count the number of times I say the words, “You know”…

Have a great weekend.


Road To Recovery

He lives!

Late in the afternoon yesterday, as the sedation started wearing off, Dad opened his eyes and looked at me, showing the first signs of truly waking up. You probably could have lifted me off the ground with a fingertip. I was floating on a cloud of glee. Best news we’ve had yet and even though I wanted to stay in the room and talk to him all night long, I knew he needed much more rest and let him be. Checking-in to my room here at the hospital (they have courtesy rooms for out-of-town families!) I sacked out early, slightly exhausted from the events of the day but elated and eager to face the next.

Then, a small feat of victory occurred….

I woke up and rushed over to the ICU as fast as possible this morning to check on his status and everyone in the nurses station was smiling at me as I entered the room. Dad’s condition had obviously improved and their once sad glances were now huge grins. This is the moment we’d all been waiting for. Assembled like a team of loving angles, the doctors and nurses entered room #9 to look over his vitals once more to make sure he was ready for what was next in his treatment and I made my way to the waiting area in order to give them some space to do what they do best. And without any difficulty, they successfully pulled the ventilator tube out of Dad’s throat only minutes later and he instantly responded in the positive, inhaling a huge deep breath.Whew!

Our man has come back to us and he’s now breathing on his own…100% stable. It’s a glorious day!

the remains of the day
the remains of the day

Of course, as much as we are celebrating having him back among us, the reality of his situation is very much in our minds. He is extremely weak right now and will no doubt be spending a couple of months in a rehab, learning to walk and move around all over again. Of course, he’s about as strong as an ox, as we’ve seen proof of these past two weeks and I have no doubt he’ll be doing all the things he loves before too long. The good news too was that as soon as he woke he knew exactly who I was and immediately started joking with me…”Gramma, what’s for supper?”

Three cheers for Big George!

Country Road by Lisa Bertagna
“Country Road” by Lisa Bertagna

Much love to my Memphis pal and brilliant photographer, Lisa Bertagna for loaning me this gorgeous image. As soon as I saw it, I felt it captured this moment in time perfectly. Thank you Lisa, you rock!

We press on.

She Brings Me Coffee (Or, She Used To)

My mornings have been really amazing for the last five or six months and coffee has been a big part of it, especially when it’s French pressed! The smell of those beans fills my lungs and heart and makes me happy. What a wonderful, soothing liquid and coupled with a woman’s touch…well, that’s my kinda livin’, folks. She knows what she’s doing and the flavor is perfect, every time. But as much as I might enjoy those lovely little black beans, currently they’re not agreeing with my stomach, so I’ve had to put them (and several other tasty pleasures) away for a bit.

Ever hear of Candida?  Neither have I, until recently.  You might wanna read up on it, just in case.

About five days ago, I went and visited a local nutritionist here in LA who took a sample of my blood and blew it up onto a big screen for me to see exactly what was/is currently going on inside my body. Holy crap! There were Candida all over the place and things did not look good. I’ve had a pretty high sugar intake for most of my life and its caused some serious problems with my digestion, so the time has finally come to make a change.

This means, no sugar, grains, dairy or caffeine for at least 30 days. Alcohol as well but I no longer drink, so that’s not a problem. I will however miss having my dear sweet gal bring me coffee in the morning.


Guess I’ll have to settle for herbal tea.

Oh, and in case you’d like to read up on this crazy diet…

Three Weeks



I have missed my hometown something awful but this trip back was incredible.  No sooner did I get my feet planted on home turf, I was off to the races and didn’t slow down for nearly two weeks straight.  No shit.  Five gigs, four rehearsals, three recording sessions, one jam session and one house party.  But that’s just the musical side of my trip cause there were tons of family & friends to see and all of ’em wanted to EAT.

Payne's BBQ.  God almighty.
Payne’s BBQ. God almighty.

It was a good time.