“George Sluppick puts a lot of funk into a medium tempo, and recalls the kings of heavy foot: musicians like John Bonham and Gregg Errico from Sly and the Family Stone, who drove their bass-drum beats into your spine.”  – Ben Ratliff (New York Times)

“Drummer George Sluppick never veers from the pocket of his soul/swamp/New Orleans beats… a creative and versatile drummer with a great feel.”  – Linda Pitmon (Modern Drummer)

“One-man soul perservation society”  – Paul Wells (Modern Drummer)

“He sounds like me….twenty years ago!”  – Bernard “Pretty” Purdie

“George happens to be one of the most expressive drummers I’ve worked with in a long time. He brought into the studio his wonderful wit and wisdom of percussion and his professional work ethic helped make my CD shine!”  – Ruthie Foster

“George Sluppick finds the perfect groove and infuses it with his soul.  His feel is slinky and sinuous with just the right touches added to support the music.  It is back porches and hot afternoons. His instincts and sound are always a little bit quirky and wholly fresh.  I love that.  George also utterly gives himself to every project he’s involved with.  Working with him was a true joy.”  – Julie Last Producer/Engineer (Joni Mitchell, Sean Colvin, Rickie Lee Jones)

“Beat drummers are hard to find and that’s what makes George Sluppick an incredible asset to any group he plays with. He naturally kills the “one” and then lays the backbeat so far back that the pocket gets spread out six miles wide.”  – JJ Grey (MOFRO)

“We needed George (Sluppick). I needed someone who knew where the shuffle still was because that’s a lost art, someone who has a unique shuffle that wasn’t trying to just play Chicago blues or someone trying to be country because rock and roll is a beautiful mutation of all the music.” – Chris Robinson (Singer – Smashing Interviews Magazine)

“George Sluppick is one of the most soulful drummers that I have come across.  One can sense his pure love and knowledge of the instrument when you hear his tracks or see him perform live.  George’s musicality delivers head-bobbing, hip-shaking grooves at every dynamic level.”  – Chad Brandolini (Director of Artist Relations & Marketing – Vater Percussion)

“George Sluppick is a very sensitive and empathetic drummer,  who plays with feel instead of flash, and never forgets about the importance of the song.”   – Robert Walter (Organist – Greyboy Allstars, solo artist)

  “George is a pure, natural musician, and he is the rarest of drummers–if you’re a singer/songwriter, he’ll have all the lyrics and the melody to a tune memorized; if you’re playing instrumental music, he’s keen to know what the changes are. It’s evident in his body language when he’s behind the kit–it’s the place he was born to be, and he sends that out from the stage to the audience. You’ll not find a drummer who plays with more musicality.”  – Andrew Markham (Guitarist, Singer/Songwriter – The Cat Mary)

“There are only four drums on his kit, and yet he sounds like an army!”  – Christopher Rico (

“…George Sluppick – I haven’t heard drumming like that since Ziggy Modeliste drove the Meters.”  – Jazz For The Asking

“Strong Backbeats”  -Ted Drozdowski (

“…for me the second best part of the evening was the drummer. George was awesome! I watched him really feeling the music and it made me feel it deeper”  -Kerry M. Caster (

“Hands down George Sluppick is one of the most overlooked drummers making it happen on the scene today.”  – Brad Hodge (Honest Tune Magazine)