Catfish John

“Momma said, don’t go near that river…”

This is still one of the best moments in my life…being on stage with all these guys and Phil Lesh standing over there, groovin his ass off right next to me.  What a time!  Very much looking forward to getting back out on tour with the CRB.

Stay tuned…

Gearin’ Up!

One more gig this year, then it’s into the studio we go to put down our first recording.  Everyone in the CRB camp is getting ready for it especially me, as I’m putting all of my toys, new and old, into the basket.

an arsenal of snares...Bleifuss, Craviotto, Leedy, Ludwig & Rogers
a plethora of Istanbul Agop cymbals...the finest
three gorgeous mid-60's era Rogers drumsets, including my latest find, right here
and a grip of fine tools from my good friends at Vater.

This here beat maker is ready to get busy.