The holidays. Time-0ff. Yes! I’m going to sleep.

at rest...

at rest…

San Fran, Is Too Cool

Four nights at the Great American Music Hall in SF this past weekend…what a great time we had. The crowds for the CRB were not only cool but very respectful of us. Not a single person got rude with their cell phone nor did anyone have to be thrown outta there for bad behavior, and over the course of that many shows, it’s worth it to make note of that. The music, the energy, people dancing, the gorgeous venue & sound was just wonderful and we soaked it all up. I am quite literally exhausted.

So, here’s to all the beautiful folks who came to see us…thank you!

All that remains...courtesy of Neal Casal.

All that remains…courtesy of Neal Casal.

Off to San Diego for a two-night run at the Belly-Up Tavern.

I Love My Cymbal Company

Istanbul Agop Blog

*Photo courtesy of Neal Casal

MDS & Me

Many moon ago, I worked a side job shooting product demos for the world famous Memphis Drum Shop, which lasted about two years. What started out light and simple, soon grew into quite a big deal and we filmed hundreds of these things. I have received many emails from folks around the world who’ve discovered me through these videos and that still blows my mind. I am honored to have been a part of their family and hold those guys in the highest regard. Here’s a good one from back then and I was about 20 lbs. heavier…

Should you feel like perusing, I believe the bulk of them can be found here…

Many thanks to my good friends Jim Pettit & Bill Frazier of MDS. Y’all rock!

Give The Drummer Some!

This weekend I was asked to be part of a new (ish) podcast called, Give The Drummer Some!, where they speak to various professional drummers from all over the globe and talk about anything & everything. It was an honor. I did an interview with their host, Chris Troy and co-host, Tom Ashcroft, via Skype and it’s about 90 mins in length and I don’t blame you one bit if you can’t stomach my voice for that long because I couldn’t, so don’t feel bad. I also sound like a complete idiot but whatever.

Nonetheless, it was great fun, they are super witty, nice guys who absolutely live for heavy metal music, which is hilarious that they even knew about me in the first place but Chris assured me that he knew exactly who I was and that he was a big fan. I was touched. Unfortunately, I really wasn’t able to hang with them at all when the discussion would turn toward metal, outside of one or two comments regarding some old favorites like, Iron Maiden or Black Sabbath but they didn’t seem to mind my lack of knowledge in the least. Anyhow, we discussed other wild topics, ranging from music, to our favorite drummers, Star Wars, Star Trek, Roger Moore vs. Sean Connery and lots more. It was a gas. You may have a listen if you like and see if you can count the number of times I say the words, “You know”…

Have a great weekend.


It’s Gonna Be A Good Christmas

This Christmas, my lovely gal and I will be traveling to Memphis together for the first time and I am delighted beyond measure. She’ll get to meet my folks, hang with some of my dearest friends, see where I grew up and get a rare opportunity to see me preform with my long-time friends and musical comrades, The City Champs. The trio hasn’t done a show together for more than a year and the three of us are definitely looking forward to dusting off those cobwebs. It’ll be a gas.

Memphis organ trio, The City Champs. L to R: myself, Joe Restivo & Al Gamble, circa 2010, courtesy of Christopher Parks.

Memphis soul jazz organ trio, The City Champs. L to R: myself, Joe Restivo & Al Gamble (taken several years ago), courtesy of Christopher Parks.

Can’t wait to play with these cats!

Get Set…

Hittin’ the road again next week and I’m super pumped for this next run. Having had some time-off to be at home, relax, practice and be with my gal has definitely done my soul much good, preparing me for the work ahead.

In the rain, up in Arcata, CA 2012...courtesy of Neal Casal.

In the rain, up in Arcata, CA 2012…courtesy of Neal Casal.

New CRB shows posted, here…

CRB Tour Dates

The CRB, clockwise from left: Adam MacDougall, yours truly, CR, Muddy & Neal Casal...courtesy of Matt Mendenhall.

The CRB, clockwise from left: Adam MacDougall, yours truly, CR, Muddy & Neal Casal…courtesy of Matt Mendenhall.

Stoked & ready.